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United Distributors Nepal

Sales Manager (1)

United Distributors Nepal

Area Sales Manager (2)

United Distributors Nepal

Sales Officer (8)

Berger Paints

Sales Officer (1)

Berger Paints

Production Officer (1)

United Distributors Nepal

Area Sales Manager (3)

United Distributors Nepal

Sales Manager (1)

United Distributors Nepal

Sales Officer (8)

United Distributors Nepal

HR Officer (1)

Mangalam Group

Sales Officer (1)

IME Automotives

Area Sales Incharge (1)

IME Automotives

Showroom Incharge (1)


IT Officer (1)


Counselor (1)

IME Automotives

Sales Trainee (1)
  • Secretarial Skills

      Start your career with real core skills need to Office Secretary Do you want to learn the basic secretarial skills and get qualified for this profession? Join FDC to get the real world competency needed to be an Office Secretary. Fo...

  • Personality Development

      (Persona-The inner you and outer you)   Introduction Personality is what we perceive in our mind. What is inside, the thoughts or the conflict inside contribute greatly to or physical appearance too. There's a certain image th...

  • Finance for Non-Finance Executives

    Corporate Training Program Title: “Finance for Non-Finance Executives”   Objective: To impart fair hands on practical knowledge of finance and accounts to non-finance executives so that they can fairly read, understand and inter...

An outline of our services; A House for complete HR Solutions

A. Recruitment & Staffing Services

1. Permanent Staffing

1.1 Database Recruitment:

These are basically non-advertised jobs, where selections are made from a readily available all-Nepal database with FroxJob.

1.2 Advertised Recruitment:

In this service, we collaborate with our client regarding an advertisement for recruiting support and then recruit the required candidates to the company after our screening and interviewing of the candidates.

1.3 Turnkey Recruitment

It is a customized recruitment support for:
  • Organizations looking for sustained recruitment support.
  • Organizations looking for mass recruitment against a particular time schedule.
  • Organizations looking for staffing at multiple locations

2. Temporary Placement:

This service is especially designed to support the company that needs a placement of staff for short period. FroxJob will provide the candidate for such temporary recruitment as per requirement of the company. The entire payroll and other activities during the working period will be managed and monitored by FroxJob. 

3. Executive Search/ Head Hunting
The term Executive Search or Head hunting refers to the search of senior and decisive positions in an organization like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Sales Manager, and Marketing Manager Etc. The Task of providing recruiting solution for the high level is more composite, dynamic and varied. We, FroxJob, believe that you need someone who can motivate and inspire, raise productivity, increase quality and lower turnover and absenteeism. In order to provide you with the right match, we have a most experienced experts working across the country.

4. Service Outsourcing:

In order to minimize more employee turnover, control cost of HR activities and operational risk, many companies turn to staff outsourcing nowadays. In this context, FroxJob has initiated the flexible and competitive staff outsourcing solution to its client.

B. HR Policies & Guidelines Complete Package (HR & OD)

C. Training & Development

D. PMS (Performance Management System)

E. Payroll Management

F. HR Audit

G. Compensation & Benefits Management

Our Clients

  • Westar Properties Pvt.Ltd.

    Westar Properties Pvt.Ltd.

  • Smart Media & Technologies

    Smart Media & Technologies

  • Advanced Trading Pvt. Ltd.

    Advanced Trading Pvt. Ltd.

  • Morang Auto Works

    Morang Auto Works

  • ComTech Group Pvt.Ltd.

    ComTech Group Pvt.Ltd.

  • Vishal Group

    Vishal Group

  • Cinemax Travel & Tour Pvt. Ltd.

    Cinemax Travel & Tour Pvt. Ltd.

  • UTi Nepal (P) Ltd.

    UTi Nepal (P) Ltd.

  • Berger Jenson & Nicholson (Nepal) Pvt.Ltd.

    Berger Jenson & Nicholson (Nepal) Pvt.Ltd.

  • Chaudhary Group

    Chaudhary Group

  • Neoteric Nepal

    Neoteric Nepal

  • Mytrip2nepal.com


  • Gold Star Shoes

    Gold Star Shoes

  • EB Pearls

    EB Pearls

  • CG Foods

    CG Foods

  • Capital Management P Ltd

    Capital Management P Ltd

  • College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE)

    College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE)

  • Universal Group Nepal

    Universal Group Nepal

  • Hotel Tibet International

    Hotel Tibet International

  • CG Education

    CG Education

  • Nepal Insurance Company Ltd.

    Nepal Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd.

    Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd.

  • Radiant Trade Link Nepal

    Radiant Trade Link Nepal

  • Clean Developers Pvt.Ltd.

    Clean Developers Pvt.Ltd.

  • Ad. Abhyas Marketing & Communication Pvt. Ltd.

    Ad. Abhyas Marketing & Communication Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ocean Computer Pvt. Ltd.

    Ocean Computer Pvt. Ltd.

  • Surya Nepal P. Ltd

    Surya Nepal P. Ltd

  • Nepal International Financial Center

    Nepal International Financial Center

  • C Plus Pvt. Ltd.

    C Plus Pvt. Ltd.

  • Samsung_Nepal


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